Client: Airtel

Project: Retail Management Outsourcing

Challenge/Brief: Client was unsatisfied with the management and coordination of their Field Sales Force and wanted professionals who will be able to drive and manage their field team

What we Did: We took over their field teams in Lagos and all North since April 2017
– Put in place strict qualifications for engagement
– Candidates must pass set aptitude test before engagement
– Agreed conditions of service that would make good people to ‘stick’ including Health Insurance, 100% Company paid Pension schemes
– Agreed KPIs and set performance parameters for each position
– Put in place a predictable, trackable and managed work and Route/bit coverage routine
– Put in place a rigorous and fair management system
– Implemented a coaching and training process for all Pre-Sellers that Airtel has fully adopted
– We weeded out all Pre-Sellers who were not delivering and not coachable

Results: Airtel is growing new subscribers ahead of all players in the industry. We were then asked to also take over the management of the Enterprise and the High Value Field teams almost immediately.