3D Impact Marketing

Client: Dangote Cement

Project(s): National Consumer/ User Promotion (Dangote Mega Millions Dash – DMMD)


  • Operational Conceptualisation & Design
  • National Operations Set Up and Management
  • Recruit, Train and Manage
    • 7 Regional Coordinators
    • 37 State Coordinators
    • 166 City Coordinators
  • Drop/Redemption Set up and Management
  1. Client, working with us, determined that the Market needed some excitement, and we could claw share from Competition.
  2. So, we worked with Client to develop and operationalise the Dangote Mega Millions Dash (Though National, we targeted winnings and activations at Competitive strongholds)
  3. This was the first ever Consumer/User Promotion in the Cement industry in Nigeria

DMMD pictures: