Client: NASCON Allied Industries

Project: Route to Market and Market Expansion

Challenge/Brief: Client had a commodity model RTM and no visibility to the Point of Retail. Client also desired to better understand Retail dynamics

What we Did: We comprehensively studied NASCON’s RTM as it then was, and studied Nigerian and International Best Practices. We then designed an RTM that took into consideration NASCON’s strengths and weakness, and suited to the peculiarities of their Southern and Northern Markets. We established a Market Development Framework built heavily on Retail Expansion and Dominance. We developed and designed a Retail Look of Success framework for them.

Results: NASCON is doubled their PY volumes in focus Markets. We were reengaged to conduct a National Retail Census, Carry out a National Trade Branding Program, and handle Retail Management and expansion in the South-East and South-South Markets (for a start). We were recommended to and now support other companies in the Dangote group