3D Impact Marketing

Client: NASCON Allied Industries

Project(s): National Retail Outlet Census (Open Markets & Key Neighborhoods)


  • We recruited, trained and managed
    • 271 enumerators
    • 30 Supervisors
    • 15 Analysts
  • We enumerated more than 50,000 Retail Outlets in 26 States
  • We established Open Market Universe and provided key ‘decision ready’ analysis
  • We were able to establish NASCON’s Market Share and Penetration, Competitive strongholds, Company Perception etc.

1. NASCON is Nigeria’s leading Salt Company,

  • but retained a commodity mindset focussing on Bulk Salt
  • not driving or focussing on Refined/Packaged Salt.
  • was completely blind beyond the Mega dealer

2. So we had to go beyond the Retailer to know and understand what the Retail and Shopper landscape looked like
3. Hence the need for a Retail Census and Qualitative Study

NASCON has more than tripled Sales of Refined Salt. Gained more than 12% National Market Share point.